FIFA 21: Hermann Receives a New Showdown Card in FUT

FIFA 21: Hermann Receives a New Showdown Card in FUT

FIFA 21: Hermann Receives a New Showdown Card in FUT

Borussia Monchengladbach will face Manchester City on 24 February in the first leg of the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League. For this reason, EA Sports has introduced a new Showdown card from Patrick Hermann, one of the best players on the German team.

Like the other Showdown cards that were added previously, if the Gladbach is victorious in this duel the card will receive a +2 point increase in its attributes and if they tie it will only increase its attributes by one point.

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Hermann is fast, but unbalanced.

Hermann’s Showdown card has several flaws that keep him from being a top class player in FIFA Ultimate Team. He has a good 89 pace points but only 84 sprint points, which can only go up to 94 points if we use Hunter as a chemistry style.

In addition, he only has 66 strength points and 80 stamina, making him a physically weak player who can easily be outmatched by burly defenders who won’t even have to be so quick to reach him and take the ball from him.

Hermann suffers a lot against advanced defenses since he does not have much strength or is very fast. Defenders will have time to catch up if he receives too far from the opposing box, making him a really limited winger and very difficult to use in long runs.

As for shooting him, his attributes are quite correct. Hermann Showdown has 84 finishing points, 87 positioning points, 84 power shot points and 83 long shot points, quite acceptable for a winger.

However, he only has three weak foot stars. This will limit your range of maneuver and make your movements easier for your opponent to predict. Another weakness that should be highlighted.

His dribbling is good but he is not outstanding if we compare him with other players of the same position. Hermann has 85 points of agility, 88 points of reaction and 86 points of control of the ball, insufficient if we combine it with his faulty speed.

On the other hand, the most remarkable thing about Hermann is his ability to pass the ball. He has 87 short passing points and 91 vision points that allow him to filter passes very easily between defenders.


Hermann Showdown has great potential as an assistant, but his weaknesses make his great passing ability overshadowed by his numerous flaws. To be a winger he is too slow and will not represent a danger for a high level winger.

Furthermore, with only three stars on weak feet he becomes a very limited and predictable player. In fact, there are many better wingers than Hermann in the transfer market and for very affordable prices so it is not worth the effort to obtain it.

FIFA 21 is now available worldwide on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.